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Real skills, taught by real experts.

Hello learners! We're here to unite your passions and education. Learn what you love, the way you want, where you want.

What would you like to explore next?

You can thank us later for bringing expertise and skills from across the globe to your screens. Strengthen your skills and passions. Learn to play the piano or drums. Take a class in iPhone photography or Learn Spanish. Bring an empty canvas, and we'll help you fill it with everything you love.

How does Deschool work?


Discover lessons

We've curated a melting-pot of interest based lessons for you. Explore classes, pick your teacher based on their profiles. Read reviews from other students and choose the perfect lesson.

Book Lesson

Book your lessons

This isn't school. You get to choose the time that suits you, you can create your desired schedule and start your learning journey based on your availability.


Finish with new achievements and experiences

We don't believe in exams. Build skills through experiential learning together with fun projects to enhance your abilities. Your teachers will push your creative side and offer you valuable feedback.

What will you discover?

A happy place that allows you to learn, explore your interests, get inspired and enjoy to the fullest. Enter this beautiful, engaging and forever evolving world of learning.

Meet our teaching champions

This is our team of maestros, geniuses, industry icons and real life champions. You will love learning with them, just as much as they love what they teach!

What makes Deschool unique?


We are available anywhere, anytime

You get to decide your schedule. We're always online. Someone, somewhere in our little universe will be ready and eager to teach you. At Deschool, learning never stops.

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International Experts

We connect you to international teaching experts

Learn from teachers halfway across the world - their skills, techniques and passions. New cultures, languages and more. It's more than just a lesson. It's an experience.

Teach with us


We are more than just a learning platform

You will become a part of an international learning community. Our learners and teachers share knowledge and experiences and have fun while building connections all over the world.

Experience Global Learning

Real Life Skills

We offer real life, usable skills

We will help you build your prowess in the field you choose. We will hone these skills so you can be the best version of what you want to be.

Projects and Feedback

We help learners explore their passions

We lead our learners to explore and plunge into their interests so they understand themselves better and know exactly what they'd like to be. We love mistakes, challenges and surprises.