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Deschool is an online learning community for skill-based lessons. Our teachers come together (literally) from all corners of the world.

Deschool was born out of the idea of unlearning the methods of conventional schooling. We will help you choose from a variety of real skillsets. We'll get you in touch with our international experts who will hone your passions and equip you to sustain your skills. We will uplift your creativity so you can become the best version of yourself! At Deschool, you will not only learn skills, but also grow as compassionate, confident, global individuals. We want our learners to explore creativity, build new foundations, and celebrate the freedom of true borderless learning.

At Deschool we empower


To get inspired, build on their creativity and learn to hone their passions into real skillsets.


To discover and embrace their kid's interests and help them move forward on a path of success.


To share their prowess and skills, and influence a global community of learners all the while growing themselves.

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