Want to teach your passions from the comfort of your homes and at a time of your choice?

Why should you teach with Deschool?

Time Calender

Flexible income, schedule & location

You have the freedom to design your curriculum and earn flexibly as per your convenience . Teach online, when and where it suits you.

Design Curiculum

Global classroom

You will be teaching and interacting with an inspired international community of learners. Learn from them as much as they will from you.

No bureaucracy

Your lesson, your creativity

Design your lessons and workshops the way you want. Teach with your own, unique tactics and curate your lessons as per your imagination.

International Community

Secure payments

Payments are transferred to your registered bank account. Easy, safe and hassle-free.

Secure Payments

Teaching made easy

Our platform is simple and easy to navigate. You can do what you love most - TEACH! Forget worrying about logistics or administration. We'll take care of everything for you.

Customer Support

Responsive customer service

Our approachable and trustworthy representatives will always be ready to answer all queries by parents or students whenever needed.

Real experiences, by Real Teachers

Lily Rodel

Lily Rodel

Through yoga, we connect mind and body, body and breath. Through yoga, we connect with our inner voice. I love bringing the practice to studios and workplaces around the city and across the world through Deschool.

Raina Sayer

Raina Sayer

I am so excited to join the Deschool platform and make music with families all over the world, who we wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise.

Ratika Khandelwal

Ratika Khandelwal

It is also such an amazing feeling to be able to teach your skills anywhere in the world & to see people enjoying learning from your skills across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Deschool offer teachers?

We aim to make online teaching easy and less complicated for teachers. We give teachers an international platform to organize, promote, and deliver their online lessons. This includes:

  • Access to an international community of learners
  • Free and attractive online listing for your lessons
  • Lesson booking and scheduling
  • Secure online payments
  • Integrated video chat platform
  • Personalised teacher profile feature on the Deschool website
  • Efficient lesson communication and reminders sent to parents on your behalf
  • Professional customer support to respond parent queries

Deschool will take care of all logistical needs as we want our teachers to focus on creating enjoyable lesson experiences for the learners.

What subjects can you teach on Deschool?

Lessons on all subjects, formats and age groups are welcome at Deschool. The lessons can range from short courses that meet 1-4 times to longer courses that are semester-long lessons. Deschool offers skill based lessons. The lessons can range from learning:

  • Life Skills
  • Foreign languages
  • Different forms of dance and music
  • Various fine arts
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Tech skills
  • About new cultures and countries

If what you teach is not listed above, contact us at hello@deschoolonline.com!

Who can be a Deschool teacher?

Deschool is looking for passionate individuals from different parts of the world to create fun, interactive and engaging learning experiences for learners using live video lessons. Teachers can be residents of literally any country! We don’t require you to have formal teaching qualifications. However, any relevant experience and certifications will only increase your chances of success on our platform. Deschool does require criminal background checks before you can start teaching on our platform. Hence, if you are passionate and experienced about any subject and want to share your skills globally, Deschool is for you!